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Hotel spa resort

Academic design project 2011

The ‘Hotel &spa resort’ studio was designed in collaboration with Anastasia Sioutopoulou and is located at the eastern waterfront of Thessaloniki. A small stream, that still exists, divides the area in two parts, a key for the designing procedure.

The complex is organized into two functional zones: A private zone (privacy of each room). A public zone (communal spaces to be used from the visitors and the residents of the resort). The form is characterized by four white minimal geometric masses with large openings. All the public spaces (restaurant, cafebar, conference room , reception, exhibition space) are organized into a unique volume, circling a central the marina.

The presence of the liquid element is dominant because of it and the sea, so every place with communal use in the hotel is placed close to it, on the ground level: In the southern part of the complex, we have a restaurant, a cafebar, the conference hall, an exhibition space as well as the Reception. On the northern part a spa center is located and its indoor pool has openable glazed units with view both to the marina and the sea. The spa center is is located in an appropriate distance from the hotel to ensure the privacy of each volume and a metallic bridge connects it with the main hotel volume. The height of the bridge allows small boats pass underneath, while pedestrians have a panoramic view of the mountain Olympus and Hortiatis in the horizon.

The project was based on our desire to utilize the view of the site to the fullest, giving to each room a unique view while ensuring natural light and ventilation to the whole complex. Therefore the rooms are developed in two building volumes: one that seizes the western view of the sea and Mount Olympus in the background, and one that overlooks the marina and the town to the north. Both volumes were raised from the ground by pillars to expand the visual field from the ground level.This way the design accomplishes a floating appeal to the upper level of the complex and secures the privacy that a pleasant stay should provide through the careful placement of rooms inside the area, while avoiding the low-rise development and the existence of a single overly – dominant volume.