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Restoration of Agiamoniotis River Banks

The topic of my master thesis is the redevelopment of an area almost 1000,000 m2 that is created at the point where the river Agiamoniotis bifurcates, in Trikala, behind the “Mill of Matsopoulos”. The “Mill of Matsopoulos” is one of the most important monuments of Industrial Heritage, attracting thousands of visitors the last two years, from all over Greece, as every Christmas it transforms to “The Mill of Elves”, providing free activities for children. The object of the study is the aesthetic, functional and ecological upgrading of the main landscape around the mill , and its conversion to a public recreation area, that will attract the residents. So, the design goals of the proposal are: ecological improvement-river restoration-> active wetland, connecting the area with its past and history, direct and easy access, interactive character.

The main idea arose from the topography, that reminds of a hollow mark of a waterdrop, because on the one side, there is a strong difference in height and on the other dense and voluminous vegetation, that gradually dilutes as it gets closer to the island. So the island is reorganized according to three “water drops’’. The first reflects the moment, the drop enters the “water”- ground , creating a hollow, while lifting “water” around it. In this section there is an amphitheater, the stage is on the lower level (hollow) and the “water that is lifted“ creates on the one side plateaus, that are the seats for the spectators and on the the other side it creates a “back“ to the scene. In the second section, there is a “hollow waterdrop mark“ at moment that the drop has completely entered into the “water” – ground. Many levels have been formed in order to give this “dinted” impression. In the lower level there is an outdoor café, while the upper plateaus are ideal for tables and chairs. The last “waterdrop mark” is exactly about the timing right after the incorporation of the drop into the “water”-ground, where various mounds are created. There is a gardening workshop and the dikes around it are planted with special plants, acting both as a botanical garden for guests and as the ideal exercise ground for the students of the gardening workshop.